Professional Dog Training to Bring Out the Best in Your Dog

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Professional Dog Training to Bring Out the Best in Your Dog

Walk and Train

When you first brought home your best buddy did you dream of leisurely walks exploring your neighborhood or taking relaxing walks in the woods or on the beach?

Did your dream quickly become a nightmare as you found yourself struggling to maintain control as your dog pulls, lunges, barks, and whines?

If your dog struggles with loose leash walking or reactivity, Walk and Train is a great option for you. We will take your dog out for a fun and enriching walk, while at the same time we will teach them the skills they need to improve their leash manners.

With our Walk and Train program your dog will get out and enjoy the day while learning new skills that will improve his/her leash manners, while you relax at home or get your work done.

Walk and Train focuses on the following skills:

  • loose leash walking
  • waiting patiently to cross the street
  • ignoring distractions
  • recall
  • sitting in public
  • attention (looking to you when asked)

Is Walk and Train right for your dog?


Our Walk and Train program is perfect for dogs with mild to moderate dog/human reactivity, dogs who pull hard on the leash, dogs who are easily distracted, dogs who have a difficult time focusing on their humans when asked, and dogs who just need to brush up on their leash skills.

Walk and Train is a great way to provide your dog with exercise and mental stimulation while simultaniously helping them to become a better canine citizen.

Our Walk and Train Program will bring you closer to the dream you had when you first brought your buddy home.




Choose the Walk and Train package that works for your pup.

30 minute walk and train: $45

45 minute walk and train: $60

60 minute walk and train: $75