Professional Dog Training to Bring Out the Best in Your Dog

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Professional Dog Training to Bring Out the Best in Your Dog

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Rowdy Rescues


Adopting a shelter or rescue dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but the truth is it can also be confusing and exhausting. Often when people bring home a rescue things seems almost too good to be true. The dog is often quite well-behaved at first, but after a few weeks or even months, problem behaviors may begin to surface.  This can leave dog parents feeling confused and stressed.

Many dogs adopted from shelters have  have faced abuse, neglect, or multiple rehomings resulting in feelings of distrust.  Some dogs may have had loving and stable homes, but have endured the loss of much-loved caregivers through tragic and unforseen circumstances.

Modern shelters have seen many improvements over the years, however they can still be overwhelming for many dogs.

If you’ve found yourself with a rescue pup who is struggling, there is hope. A gentle training appoached coupled with a individualized enrichment program can work wonders.

At Sunny Paws we can help turn your fearful dog into a confident and well-adjusted member of the family. Our science-based training methods work because they focus on building your dog’s confidence.



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We are here for you and your dog.

Navigating the bumpy road from insecure rescue dog to calm family member can be overwhelming for a dog parent. It can  involve feelings of shame, and you may fear that you’ve gotten yourself in over your head.

At Sunny Paws we undestand the needs of the dog AND the human. We are here for both of you, and we can help you navigate this, at times, emotional journey. We offer science-based training for your dog, as well as emotional support and encouragment for you.

We never judge.

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